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Dr. Bader Al-Dahoum holds a BA from Kuwait University, Faculty of Sharia, an MA from the University of Jordan (Jurisprudence and its Principles), a PhD from Cairo University – Faculty of Dar Al Uloom (Jurisprudence and its Principles), a lecturer at Yarmouk University, Department of Economics and Islamic Banking, and a teacher of Islamic education and the Holy Qur’an. In the Ministry of Education for the secondary stage for more than ten years, a lecturer at Kuwait University, College of Sharia, a member of the National Assembly of February 2012 for the Fifth Constituency, and a delegated faculty member in the Public Authority for Applied Education, College of Basic Education, Islamic Department, second semester 2016.He is also a faculty member appointed at the Kuwait International Law School, Department of Comparative Jurisprudence and Islamic Studies, and has participated in many legal, Sharia, and political conferences and seminars locally and internationally…  

1. Usool (Origins of) Al Fiqh
2. Inheritances
3. Personal Status
4. Introduction to Fiqh Study

– “The Legal System of the Capital Markets Authority, CMA, in Kuwait and the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA, in the United Kingdom”. Kuwait International Law School Journal, Sep 2016.

– “The Legal System of Public Economic Organisations in the State of Kuwait”. Kuwait International Law School Journal, Jun 2016.

– “The legal Basis for the Right to a Clean Environment”, a Research paper submitted to KiLAW 5th Conference- 9-10th May 2018.

– “The Case of S. Al Obaid v. Ministry of Justice: “The Legal Impact of Discharging 560 Employees from the Department of Expertise of the Ministry of Justice (DEMJ (, the Legal and Economic Research Journal, University of Alexandria – Egypt, Aug 2020.

– “The Role of the Judiciary in Promoting the Right to a Clean Environment in Kuwait, Egypt and the United States”, the Arab Law Quarterly Journal 35 (2020) 1-43, United Kingdom, Feb 2020.

– “The Legal Nature and Historical Roots of the Jury Trial”. Kuwait International Law School Journal, Nov 2021.


– Legal consultation for the Centre of Strategic Studies and Research (CSSR) on the legal Challenges of Development Projects in the State of Kuwait, June 2010.

– “Legal consultation for the Centre of Strategic Studies and Research (CSSR) in the Amiri Diwan on the Legal and Constitutional Aspects of Government Privatisation Proposals, July 2009.

– “The legal Limitations on Practicing Police Administrative Authority during Corona Virus Pandemic”, a paper submitted to the Virtual Academic Conference on the Impact of the Corona Virus Pandemic on Legal Relations, “Problems and Solutions”. By Zoom application on the 9th of May 2020.

– “The Establishment and Development of the Legal Status of the Faculty of Saad Al-Abdullah Academy for Security Sciences”: a paper submitted to the 3rd International Association of Police Academies (INTERPA) Conference, Putrajaya, Malaysia, 21– 24 April 2014. In English.

– “The Legal Protection of the Civil Servant in the Kuwaiti Civil Service Law Act No 15 of 1979”, a paper submitted to a seminar on “The Protection of the Position of Police Officers”. Sector of Education and Training Affairs, National Security College, Regency Hotel, Kuwait, 11-13 Feb 2013.

– “Regional Threats on National Security anti Measures”, a paper submitted to a seminar on “The National Security of the State of Kuwaitwithin Foreign and Regional Changes”. Sector of Education and Training Affairs, National Security College, Crown Plaza Hotel, Kuwait, 22-24 May 2011.



– Member of the Arab Anti-Corruption Academic Initiative (ACAD), under patronage of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Centre in Qatar, 2018.
– Member of Kuwaiti Bar Association 2015

– Kilaw’s Board Council
– Research and Conferences Committee
– Kilaw’s Journal Committee
– Master’s Proposals Assessment Committee
– Curriculum Development Committee
– Annual Conference’ Proposals Assessment Committee
– Student’s Petition Assessment Committee
– Head of Executive Committee for the 8th Annual Conference

Prof. Mohammed Al Moqatei

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