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Dr. Ali Al-Dhafiri  is an associate professor in the General Department of the Kuwait International Law College, he holds a law degree from Kuwait University in 1993, a master’s degree from the College of Applied Sciences in 2009, and a doctorate from the Lebanese University in 2013. He has several research and publications, and has many participations in Important legal seminars and conferences.

Specialized research in the Department of Administrative and Constitutional Public Law

Administrative 1, Administrative 2, Constitutional 1, Constitutional 2, Political Systems, Research Hall, Supervision of Master’s theses, research refereeing


The legal, objective and procedural dimensions of the Corona pandemic, at the University of Bahrain’s Digital Scientific Forum

Amira Fares Al-Hajri, Maha Nouri Al-Dulaimi, Youssef Fahad Al-Saeed, Ahmed Al-Saleh

Student competition committees at the level of the Arab countries, judging student competitions at the Kuwait International Law School

The rights and duties of public employees in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the legal system for adequacy reports in the State of Kuwait

Submitting legal papers related to the administrative law of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Dr. Yehya Mursi Al Nemr

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