The office introduces the graduates to the needs of the labor market and the available job opportunities. It also prepares plans to train and qualify students to help them get involved in the labor market and follows them to achieve success in their careers after graduation. The office responsibly includes the following:

1- Introducing the graduates to the specialized legal job opportunities available in the labor market, as well as job titles in ministries, government agencies and institutions, as well as the private sector for the departments and departments in which law graduates are appointed.

2- Conducting surveys of the desires of students expected to graduate with regard to their future career and government and private agencies that they wish to work for after graduation.

3- Conducting opinion poll studies for employers in the public and private sectors regarding their job needs, especially in legal departments.

4- Collecting a database of graduates’ employers and their phone numbers in order to achieve more communication.

5- Communicate with the main recruitment agencies in Kuwait to identify the most important difficulties and obstacles facing the college graduate candidates and provide them with the necessary support.

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